Frank Duffy was born in Liverpool in 1971. He started writing when he was just eight years old, but it has only been in the last five years that he has started writing seriously. His inspirations are varied, though he has a passion for all things dark and eerie.

He has a number of publishing credentials to his name, having placed stories in both the U.K. and abroad in such magazines as Here & Now: Tales of Urban Fantasy, The Ethereal Gazette, Visions and Insidious Reflections.

He currently lives and works in Poland as private school teacher, in the fascinating city that is Warsaw. Frank lives with his partner Ewa, his two dogs B and Mr Mole, and devotes most of his time to thinking-up new ways to unnerve himself.

Published stories: The Seat (Here & Now), The Box (The Ethereal Gazette), Where It All Started (The Ethereal Gazette), The Examples (Insidious Reflections), The Inevitable Change (Visions), Others’ Pain (Visions), Cycle (Pulp Metal Magazine), Faces (Pulp Metal Magazine), The Caretakers (Fantastic Horror – forthcoming) False Pilgrim is now available to read in Estronomicon, the magazine produced by Screaming Dreams Press.

Read Cycle here.

HOLD THE PAGE: Frank’s short story Faces will be available on link to Pulp Metal Magazine soon.

At present Frank has half-a-dozen stories under option. He is also hoping to place a novella, a near-future satire called Leaving The Room.

Work in progress: The Dark Soldier, (a novella), co-author Steve Jensen. A History of Writers (aka Deadline), (a novel). False Pilgrim and Other Stories (a collection).

Contact: frannypl[at]

Steven Paul Jensen was born in South Wales in 1965.
He is seeking publication of his first novella, The Poison of a Smile while writing his second book, Ariele – A Ghost Story. Steve is working on a number of literary projects with Frank Duffy.

Short Fiction:

Dead Lines
Pulp Metal Magazine
The Gloom Cupboard
White Magazine
Yellow Mama magazine
Mirror Dance (Summer 2010)


Pulp Metal Magazine
The Immortal Story, Cinematique issue, Sein und Werden magazine

Read The Poison of a Smile at Authonomy here.

Steve can also be found at Shadows & Illusions.

Contact: stevejensen[at]

6 responses

11 11 2009
Paul D. Brazill

Cushty website. I’ll be checking the stories out in the next few days. Tara. Paul.

12 11 2009

Thank you very much, Paul. 🙂

12 11 2009

Thanks, Mr Brazill. Hope you like the Ellroy that Steve put up!

18 11 2009
Paul D. Brazill

I heard that Ellroy’s mother was actually murdered. Shocking, eh? Kept that quiet, didn’t he?

16 12 2009

Steve: Cheers, boss. I still couldn’t get the password to work. Catch you later, pal.

6 04 2010
sam millar

Frank and Steve
wonderful gem of a site. A refreshingly dark breath of fresh air.

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